Welcome to Patrimony Coins

Welcome to mysite. Patrimony Coins specialize in British hammered coins (excluding Roman). Those of us involved with these coins will know they are little tangible windows into history as well as works of art in themselves.

Coins provide a fascinating glimpse of the past as well as being assets, which are very likely to increase in value over time.

From time to time I may obtain European or milled coins which I group together with the Scottish and Irish hammered coins.

Please feel free to contact me to ask about any of the coins I have listed. I'm always looking to replenish my stock as well with gold or silver hammered British coins in good condition.

If you can't find the coin you are looking for please let me know because I may know someone selling

the coin and I would be happy to source it for you

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grade attributions. The grading of a coin has a serious impact on it's value. I do not grade my coins and leave it to the buyers' judgement. However, if I have obtained a coin from a BNTA registered dealer and they have attributed a grading to the coin then I will include this in the description.