King Stephen (1092 - 1154)
A very rare and hard to find full flan hammered silver penny, struck at the mint of Warwick by the moneyer Edred. Stephen’s reign began when he seized the throne on the death of his uncle in 1135 and was coloured by civil war with his cousin, Empress Matilda: a conflict that came to be known as The Anarchy. Matilda’s son succeeded Stephen on his death in 1154. This coin bears a good obverse portrait of the king, crowned and facing right. He holds a sceptre in his right hand and appears to be wearing a beaded necklace. The reverse - known as the Watford type - shows a cross moline with fleurs in the angles though on this example they look a little more like crosses. The legends on coins of Stephen of Blois are often weakly struck. In this case, the moneyer and mint have been identified by Brittania Coins (a BNTA member)  with reference to known legends and die match comparisons. A fascinating piece. Spink 1278  £830


William I (1066-87)

Bonnet type penny 1068-1070

Huntingdon mint/ Godric moneyer-

Found Kingsclere, Hampshire, UK, 1996, with ticket,.S1251  Recorded with EMC reference 2022.1118. 1.04 grams

About As struck ,rare norman mint

£3640                                                                             #112


902 WILLIAM 1 (1066-87)  penny, PAXS type BEDFORD/ SIBRAND

BEDFORD mint  Moneyer -  SIBRAND

obv. +PILLELM REX , bust facing;

rev.  +SIBRAND ON BD;       1.41g

Spink 1257   Ex - Lloyd Bennett coins

Only 8 William 1 coins in total are recorded on SCBI/EMC for Bedford mint and this is one of the better examples

slightly weakly struck in centre

VERY RARE   -   VF                                         SOLD



903 WILLIAM 1 [1066-87] penny, PAXS type , CHICHESTER/BRUNMAN

PAXS type - CHICHESTER mint - Moneyer - BRUNMAN

obv. +PILLELM REX, facing bust;

rev.  +BRVMAN ON CICI.                 1.33g

Spink 1257 , North 848.

Provenance: M Daniels, May 1989; Williams collection.

weakly struck edges

VF or near                                                       SOLD