James 1 (of England) 1603-1625

Sixpence. mm thistle, 3rd coinage, 6th bust, 1622

Very strong portrait

S2670                                              #978



James I (1603-25),

Laurel of twenty-shillings, third coinage (1619-25), mintmark lis (1623-24), fourth laureate and draped bust left, very small ties to value behind, inner beaded circle both sides, legend surrounding IACOBVS DG MA BRI FRA HI REX. Rev, crowned quartered shield of arms over long cross fourchee, reads FACIA M EOS IN GENTEM VNAM, 8.69g (S.2638B; N.2114; cf. Schneider 88). A little silhouetted in the portrait, few scratches, legends all legible. Some flat areas in lower portion of bust and parts of the reverse shields, nevertheless a pleasing example.                              . £2,225             #995


Charles 1 (1625-49)

Silver Crown, mm Bell over portcullis ,Tower mint under king

Obv:Third horseman, facing left, king holding sword upright, no groundline.

Rev: Oval garnished shield

 S2758, Brooker 254, weight 29.75 gm


Ex-Glendining Auction 1997

Ex Roderick Richardson Spring coin list 2012      #110  £2450

Charles 1 (1625-49)

Shilling, tower mint, 4.1 var. mm anchor (1638-9), S2797                      #999    £495


Charles 1 (1625-49)

Halfcrown, Group V, Type 5, Tall spirited horse, mm Sun (1645-6), Under parliament  S2780      #106                      £535


Charles 1 (1625-49)

Shilling, tower mint, Group D, type 3a, im Tun (1636-8) Obv: CARLOS D' G' MA' BR' FR' ET HI' REX Crowned buse left, X11 to right

Rev: CHRISTO AUSPICE REGNO, garnished oval coat of arms.

North 2225, S2791                                            #107    £425


Charles 1 (1625-49)

Shilling, Aberystwyth mint, mm book, ex Hullett (with old ticket), Rare, S2883   £875    #108


Charles 1 1625-49

Scottish twelve shillings,3rd coinage 1637-42, Type 111, S5560, Falcolners , F over crown       £595   #121